Rains always give an awe feeling to me irrespective of whatever age am!


During my schooldays.. “Rains” meant School leave,Paper Boats made by the kids to float in water, to drench in rain and play in water to the full extent. All crazy things of those ages! Also, used to gaze the rain sitting at the window sill of the terrace..

During college days… “Rains” will make me sad since it will not allow us to roam as we like!

Then after marriage, continuing gazing at the rain having a cup of chai with hot pakoras….

Even though rain brings us many obstacles like commuting from one place to another, cannot draw beautiful kolams, water scarcity all over -It does not stop me from the amaze or awe feeling i have towards it…

Also still, amidst rains, it has not dampened the spirit of bursting crackers among kids and others.Indeed, the bursting sounds are alarming!

Love rains……………….


Chilled Moments of Life

When we enter for visiting kolu arrangement to a place… Each person view it in different aspect!
First ppl view the place where it is kept, then the number of steps, the kinds of dolls kept in, and extra fittings like park and the items kept there.. It goes on….

When we enter our friend’s house, they ask if we know to sing classical music on the name of god or recite some slokas, After viewing the kolu kept at the friend’s place, they get ready to sing next and after finishing it, we wait for the yummy sundals pack with the beetle leaves which we say it as “Thamboolam”… Meanwhile, many people enter and go from our friend’s place…

If we have power of observing while we move out,we will have a lovely time noting all the minute things too…!

I love those things..Also, the people who come and go to our friend’s place at times happen to hear our music. If they praise our singing we would be in cloud 9.. have to say since those are the words of encouragement to move our passion on and on……..

Also, we cannot finish visiting all our friend’s place in a single day. We divide it and do it accordingly…Also, kids recreate much during navaratri times…since they get many toy items as gifts.. Main reason is the vacation during this time for them!


Recreation time for all the kids have to say! For adults also, they can have some relaxation during this time since they ought to meet different kinds of people..


Love this season every year!





Mom-My Guiding Spirit

Life is a mixture i have to say…Love, hatred,sympathy, Birth, Death…. List is endless..

But, what is one going to earn seeing on always negative aspects of life? Really, i do not know, what they are going to get on watching the negative side alone? Will it let us move forward in our life.. We can call them pessimists i believe…

I have seen few people who always talk on the negative aspects of life alone on every issue… I used to think why cant they think that there are positive sides too… But, in vain only i can say.. So, we should learn to ignore too..Else, we land in trouble leading to unnecessary talks,… I also have a thought that what they are going to earn being pessimistic? My feeling is that being optimistic leads one to move forward in their life..Else, they become stagnated.

Usually, I go by mom’s words… in all aspects. Esp. in this issue… She used to say, “See Good things in every person” and leave the bad things behind…Take the good things alone..Do not get stuck by anything.. Just see what you can do next..Do not brood over”…Really, her guidelines shows me the vision for my life!

She is the real guide to me who shows the correct path for my life!


Physical exercises for today’s kids…………….???

Here comes my another thought of my good old days 🙂

During our school days, after coming from school we used to play a lot for 2-3 hrs in nearby playgrounds and then only return to our home for doing our homeworks…Playing is a form of another physical exercise i believe… But in today’s trend.. I feel playgrounds are being converted to villas and flats due to the increase in population… That’s a different issue. Moreover, in those days, we had many playgrounds nearby our place itself and also there were many form of outdoor and indoor games to have fun with.. Also, we used to play in mud those days named “suranga pathai”(A hollow hole).. I think today’s kids miss all those fun!

Today’s kids are only restricted to indoor games i think… They have playgrounds but it is too far since the parents cannot send them alone to distant places..So,they would prefer to play in the area of their whole flat building..else they would play with their items in their home itself… At times, i would feel sad for them… ..Also, i have seen boys playing cricket in front of our house due to place restriction… At times, i would feel it as a nuisance but at the same time, i wud give them soft corner too at times…Since they do not have space to play…

Due to the lack of space of playgrounds, many fitness centers have arised to keep ourselves fit..But, how many of them really go there regularly? i do not know… I feel we have become dependent on machines rather than ourselves…Eventhough ppl go for walking, ppl who have become dependent on those machines are also on the rise!

Whatever it is, today’s kids miss all those fun of playing in the playgrounds with the gang of their friends!To watch them play is another real fun i believe..Through those kinds of games, they can learn a lot :- Support, Understanding each other, co-ordination etc…. Today’s kids, i feel they rise up fights even for the small petty things…

I do not know where the today’s future kid is leading to?

My Short Snippets

Past and Future Kids……………..!

During our childhood days,for the monthly budget expenses-Me and my sis used to go with my mom to the shop..We used to get things which has been labelled with free gifts or items..My mom would scold us those days.. you do not use it for a month also, then why you ppl end up in buying those products? In those days, we  both had a craze for those free items since we used to get a lot of things from free items itself like small toys, or play things etc.. all just for fun.. For those things we used to fight too… Remembering all those days is really very nice u know!


But, in today’s trend, free concept is gone i should say… In one way i feel it to be right… since we can avoid buying useless stuff for the sake of free items. On the other hand nowadays we do not find free items at all..It’s very less! But, for the kids due to many advances, they have the fun in many other ways in their toys and games world… Too much of advancement and i at times envy them for the kind of exposure they get at such a small age itself which has its both plus and minus.

If each kid is handled in a composed way, they will have a brighter future for them….