My nephew’s lullabies…

When he entered to our place, he did not first come to us since he saw so many faces around including my aunty's daughters..At first, he cried for 5-10 mins..Since he was used to my sis, her hubby and my dad only…To comfort him, my dad kept with him…then, he slowly started coming towards us, then he started sleeping in my lullaby songs..his lullaby song was from youtube..then i thought how hightech technology babies…. they have become at this tender age itself..

If he has a strong sleeping sensation, he listens to any song-"devotional/semi-classical/classical" songs..Else, he need his usual lullaby sleep song..Also, he listens to phonics, animal sound, colors, shape songs from youtube.If we start those songs, he will not let his go attention anywhere.. Such a keen listener he is! We started learning all his symptoms for what he cries and all.. All fun around him!!

Also, there are many people to pamper him here…We used to call him by chinchu/chintu, patu, and all stone names in tamil..He used to give a broad smile. He used to watch the ads so keen that he will not divert his attention anywhere else.

Fun times around him just for few more days to enjoy and then he will be back to singapore with his mom and dad!


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