Rains always give an awe feeling to me irrespective of whatever age am!


During my schooldays.. “Rains” meant School leave,Paper Boats made by the kids to float in water, to drench in rain and play in water to the full extent. All crazy things of those ages! Also, used to gaze the rain sitting at the window sill of the terrace..

During college days… “Rains” will make me sad since it will not allow us to roam as we like!

Then after marriage, continuing gazing at the rain having a cup of chai with hot pakoras….

Even though rain brings us many obstacles like commuting from one place to another, cannot draw beautiful kolams, water scarcity all over -It does not stop me from the amaze or awe feeling i have towards it…

Also still, amidst rains, it has not dampened the spirit of bursting crackers among kids and others.Indeed, the bursting sounds are alarming!

Love rains……………….


2 thoughts on “Rains

  1. I agree with you, remember the college days when Balaya Garden used to be flooded with water and we used to enjoy the ride in the bus thru that way.

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