Diwali kolam design


Kolams……Love drawing it!

9-9 ner pulli



Rains always give an awe feeling to me irrespective of whatever age am!


During my schooldays.. “Rains” meant School leave,Paper Boats made by the kids to float in water, to drench in rain and play in water to the full extent. All crazy things of those ages! Also, used to gaze the rain sitting at the window sill of the terrace..

During college days… “Rains” will make me sad since it will not allow us to roam as we like!

Then after marriage, continuing gazing at the rain having a cup of chai with hot pakoras….

Even though rain brings us many obstacles like commuting from one place to another, cannot draw beautiful kolams, water scarcity all over -It does not stop me from the amaze or awe feeling i have towards it…

Also still, amidst rains, it has not dampened the spirit of bursting crackers among kids and others.Indeed, the bursting sounds are alarming!

Love rains……………….

Short Temple Trip

On Vijayadasami afternoon around 1 pm we started our trip to trichy.. Since we wanted to catch the bus at the express bus stand itself, we went there and caught the bus since we found booking online to be costlier.. Around 2 pm.. we entered an ordinary bus..We enjoyed the nature along the travel a lot..Then, around 7.45pm we reached toll gate and waited for the next connecting bus. Meanwhile, we befriended a co-passenger to know the route to hop over trichy. We got the connecting bus and in 10-15 mins we reached the chathiram bus stand. We got a decent accomodation at the hotel chitraa’s…

Watch on Posterous

Nature’s always a pleasure to watch!            

DAY= HEAT(due to areas covered by mountain)
Inspite of non-a/c room, we had a sound sleep… Enjoyed the stay a lot….Few temples around trichy are:

  • Srirangam
  • Samayapuram
  • Uchi Pillayar Temple and
  • Thriuvaanaikaval-Jambulingeswarar temple

ARound 6.00 am we got up and started towards Srirangam which is just half-hr distance. We went to the temple.Since it was a very big temple, we need a lot of time for that temple alone.. Since we wanted to rush up for thiruvaanaikaval, we started enquiring the temple people there.. Daily from 8-9 am they used to close the main sannidhis.. We do not know that at all.. We were in utter dismay.. The thulasi mala bought for perumal by us was given to someone else to hand it over to lord on our behalf. We were informed to come to thiruvaanaikaval temple by 10 am.. Since darshan of perumal would make us late, we just started rushing off visiting other sannidhis in srirangam.. We had a short brunch in nearby hotel and started to thriuvaanaikaval.

We entered to temple in thiruvaanaikaval aorund 9.30 am. we were made to wait till 11.15 am and then they started abhishegam. We had given for abishegam and archana for akilandeshwari(ambal) and Jambulingeshwarar(Lord siva). We had a nice darshan of abishegam for the ambal and then rushed towards sivan sannidhi for abishegam and archana..We had the big opportunity to sit first and have the vicinity of abishegam. We bought vastraa for the deities too… Lord siva got 2 vastraas.. The poojaris did good alangaram(decoration) for the lord..We viewed the “Annabishegam” also for Lord shiva. And then, they did archana on our names.. Since it was uchi kaala pooja(Mid-afternoon), a person with red patu vastraa and a small crown did all the aradhana to Lord and he performed kodhaana pooja(pooja for the cow) and then finally entered ambal’s sannidhi.

After that, we were able to view the ambal in awesome decor. Have captured the moment in my fotographic mind… As like for lord shiva, ambal has also got 2 -3 sarees including the saree we got for the deity. To satisfy all of us, the poojari tied tactfully all the sarees at appropriate places…Really, the decor for the ambal is still in my mind- seems to be always refreshing… Then, we had archana done on our names.

Finally, all went on well.. We had a great darshan..

Few things which acted on my nerves was:

  • We became the victim of money pluckers in the temple.. We have to give money to the poojari and his assistants and ppl other than them too.. We did not know what to do. We did not want to fight also since it’s a place of respect. But, they do not bother at all.. Very bad i have to say!
  • Then, abt the autorikshavalas- just for a 5 minute distance he charges exhorbitantly…
  • Then it seems that there is a 2 hr power shutdown daily over there…

On experiencing all this, i owe chennai a big salute!!!
3 cheers to chennai!