A trip to Kodaikanal

“Flowers around the cottage”


Cottage name


After a long time, am writing about my favourite Travel…. We started around 7:45 pm to kodai through KPN Travels. It was a sleeper coach. Next day morning, near ZION school, we got down. From there, it was a 10 min drive in taxi to our guest house. We reached there around 7 am.  The hospitality was too good from the day we entered till the day we left the place. Then, by 8:30 am we had our breakfast and started for the day one trip around 9:30 am … DAY 1: (Kodaikanal city tour)(05-July-2010)

Cottage look


  • Upper Lake View
  • Pine Tree Forest- In this place, always chill air used to prevail.
  • Moir point
  • Devil’s Kitchen(a)Gunaa Cave(Named after the tamil film “GUNAA”)
  • Pambar Falls
  • Pillar Rocks
  • Bryant Park
  • Kodai Lake-Here, we went for boating and horse riding.                                  Pine Forest

Returned by 4 pm on first day.. DAY 2:(06-July 2010) As usual, we started around 9:30 m and we visited all the waterfalls around. We went on a trekking to visit the waterfalls. Trekking was a total of around 7-8 kms. It was a wonderful experience.

  • Fairy falls
  • Vattakkanal Falls
  • Bear Shola falls                                                                                              Vattakkanal Falls
  • Lion’s cave
  • Dolphin nose
  • Echo Rock(This rock has come in the film “Raam” where Jeeva used to sit on this rock and give a pose). The surrounding areas has come in the tamil serial “Kolangal” where villain Aadhi(Ajay) shot Devayani and Tholkappian would come in search of her to that place and take her from there.
  • City View/Green Valley view
  • Chettiyar Park
  • Silver Cascade(Waterfalls). Returned back around 5 pm……………..

DAY 3:(07-July 2010)

  • Berijam Lake/Berijam Forest(மதிகெட்டான் சோலை)          “Berijam Lake”
To visit the above mentioned place, we need to get the permission of forest personnels. They have the rights to cancel the permission obtained at anytime. If they happen to see an elephant, our permission will be cancelled since it will very difficult to tackle the animal. Also, the lake is surrounded by thick and dense forest. The forest is also said as “மதிகெட்டான் சோலை” since if we enter the forest, we will not be able to find the correct path to return back. All kinds of medicinal plants or trees are available in this forest. While returning, we saw, தொப்பித் தூக்கும் பாறை-This spot has come in the films “Thenaali” and “Mr.Romeo”.. When we went to this place, it was fully covered with mist. So, not able to view it properly.. only to certain extent… Also, taking permission to this place will take time– so visiting this place alone will take a full day’s time. DAY 4:(08-July 2010)

  • Mannavanur Lake                                                                                                    Poomparai village
This place is far off from kodaikanal. But, it’s worth visiting the place. Up and Down in total, it comes upto 90 kms. On the way to mannavanur lake, there comes a village named “Poomparai”(பூம்பாறை). This village comes in the film “Seevalaperi paandy”(சீவலப்பேரி பாண்டி)-Lovely location. Then, to reach the lake it takes around 2 hrs. The surrounding areas of the lake is the shooting spot of the song”Masi Masi” in Aadhavan. Also, the same location has come in the film “Kutti” too. In the film Aadhavan, they had put beautiful settings and the tibetians who have the stalls near the kodai lake were the dancers for the song “Masi Masi”-such a marvellous location. This place took half – a-day’s time..                                                                                       Areas surrounding the mannavanur lake

Also, the main thing about kodaikanal —“When mist comes and goes–a mystery”… God only knows!! On the whole trip was a combination of boating, trekking, walking and horseriding… Out of the hill stations(munnar, wayanad, ooty) i have visited, i liked kodaikanal the most….. On 8th evening we returned by KPN Sleeper coach which reached chennai on 9th early morning here.. A FABULOUS TRIP it was!!!!!!!!!


Flowers around the cottage