My First Abroad Trip


When my marriage got fixed, my hubby was working in dubai. Since, he was newly joined in the company at that time, he was not able to take leave for many days.  When i asked him abt our trip, he told that you need to come alone since he had to go and make arrangements for visa and other formalities. Also, he told that visa processing would take a month’s time. Then, he left to dubai after a week’s time of our marriage. Till then, stayed in my mom’s place. Eventhough, he had given me instructions beforehand about the formalities to be followed over there, i was little nervous. But still, had the courage of tackling any kind of situation.So, did not take it as a big issue. Also, I like facing challenges.

Regarding travel in flight, i remember going with my parents to b’lore in a domestic airlines when i was in V std i think. The memory abt it is very vague. After that, had my first independent flight journey to a country outside india. I boarded my flight on 30th September 2004. It was a late night flight.I had 3 big luggages(Total: 53 kgs) out of which 2 i had checked-in. One i took it as a hand luggage. With great difficulty, i carried the luggage since it was a  big one. But, as such there was no issues regarding the luggage as my father had already informed the officials of my situation. Then, after checking-in, had some time to rest. When the plane took off, I had a great sigh of relief as i thought first half is over and another half is yet to come in dubai airport. It was abt 5 hrs journey. The plane landed late in dubai airport by an hour. My hubby was waiting for me outside in the waiting area.(so sad)…..

When i landed in the airport, and proceeded further taking a look at the airport, i was stuck by the ambience in the airport. It was awesome. The richness and interior decoration made me speechless.The airport was very spacious and need more time to cover all the areas over there. Dubai airport in world level is ranked third. So, u need to think about the grandeur over there… I did not know about the facilities available there in dubai airport. I did not know how to use the phone card and other things. Since my hubby was also new to that country, he too did not know much about those things.Then, i did not know that it was ramzan time when i went there. So, had to wait for toooooo many hours in each counter. Even when the formatlities were few, looooooooong waiting time in the counter made me feel very bad.(Waiting time 2 hrs)

Then, when i came to the baggage section, all luggages were scattered as like one in each corner.Since, i was occupied with many thoughts in my mind till my collection of baggage, i did not have any other thought even about my hubby too. Atlast, after collecting all my luggages only i thought of my hubby who was waiting for many hours outside in the waiting area.  Also, i had a tough time carrying all my luggage as a independent person checked for all luggages and other things…

Finally after coming out i saw his condition to be so sad, since i did not give any info to him on my arrival.. after he saw me outside only he felt relieved.. Although i had many offs and ons in the journey, it was a memorable one.. Also, it took 5-6 hrs on the whole in the airport itself.. It was  a great journey.. I felt like i have achieved something in life..


My Favourite Teacher


During my school days, there was one teacher who taught us Hindi language. She was our family friend. But, those days i just saw her as my teacher, was not able to accept her as my friend. The thing was that the fear towards her stopped me to accept her as a friend. She taught us Hindi for three years. I love the way of her teaching. During my final years in school, she was not able to teach hindi for our section alone. Me and my classmates were longing for her whether she would come back and teach hindi for us. She was a lovable teacher.

I lost her touch after i left my school. I was wondering if i could get back the lost contact with her. My intuition was saying that you will get her touch back some or the other way. The teacher after her marriage left india and got settled elsewhere. Suddenly, when my marriage got fixed, I was able to trace her whereabouts through her co-sister. When i first mailed her also, before my marriage I was not confident of she replying back to me since i did not get any response from her for a while… As a pleasant surprise, got a mail from her. I was feeling very happy on seeing her mail back.. When i met her in 2005 in person, i felt like as if i was the happiest person in the world. Still, am in a good rapport with her.

My Varied Experiences in different places


TRAVEL:I have varied interests of which one of my favourites is travel. I started my married life in Dubai which is famous for gold jewellery. And we can refer the place as “International Kerala” since malayalees are dominant over there.Since i have a flair for the language, i learnt the language on my own thru books and watching cinemas. After started to pick up the language, felt great.When i went for the first time to mall over there, i had a great exposure thereby i created a interest for myself to visit malls so that i can pass time. so, i started visiting those kind of places. Had a set of friends to whom i can clarify my doubts to improve my culinary skills and many other things.Picked out one from each person a new thing so that i can improve myself. Will visit one and only temple in dubai whenever i find free time.


When i went sharjah for the first time i happened to meet one of my college mate whom i did not talk with during college days.. it was nice meeting her after a long gap.. started conversing a lot. After spending a few months in sharjah, i moved to gurgaon near delhi in india.I was in gurgaon for a short while only. i noticed various things abt the people inspite of having spent few months only there.The food habits was different.Their major intake of food included potato, bhindi, onion and roti always.those were the cheapest vegetables prevailing there.An unpredictable high cost of living compared to southern part of india. Moreover, gurgaon is a developing area where many IT companies have come up. The people in gurgaon are facing a lot of problems which a developing region usually faces. The problems such as robbery, murder and improper infrastructure etc.  The climate was very bad in gurgaon. Extreme summer and winter. So, felt little difficult to adapt there. The ricegrain which is prevalent over there is basmati rice.

In Oman, we need to possess a car which has become a necessity of today’s living era. Atleast in dubai, we have the bus service which is dependable and reliable which was not present in oman. There, a living area was fully covered by mountains thereby i had a different exposure. Compared to oman, in dubai people are friendly and quite accessible too.Living in these kinds of places will make us to learn a lot.


In kerala, i have visited munnar, thekkady and wayanad. The people over there are very kind and helpful. they come to us in time of our need. I had a great exprerience in that regard.They have a different food habitat too. their intake is big grain rice which seem to reduce heat in our body and they use coconut oil in whatever they cook.It gives a different fragrance in our cooking.The climate was also good.  Had a nice feel going to Pookote lake and soochipara water falls in wayanad.


In Singapore, atmosphere was very different. Roads are well connected through trains and buses.Route maps are available so that we can travel independently without other’s help. Chinese population seem to be more over there. Chinese new yr is celebrated in a great manner there.


At present, i am living in “Garden city” of India–“Bangalore” where am enjoying a pleasant climate and am accessible to things we want.  Feeling nice to be here……